Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday September 18 - Bouveret

We took the paddle steamer across the lake to Bouveret today. It was generally hot and sunny although it was colder o the north facing shore of Bouveret.
The horse chestnut tree at the cafe on the promenade is dropping a lot of conkers. The staff were busy sweeping up this morning

This heron was waiting for the arrival of the Italie

The boat stopped briefly at the Chateau de Chillon

We have noted this extraordinary island before  - it seems to =be all tree.

At the Swiss Vapeur Parc I was surprised to see this model of a RhB crocodile #414 which Paul and I rode behind a couple of weeks ago. The ride around the park took about 20 minutes.
After a very long ride around the park we had visions of Charlie of the Kingston Trio song about the Boston MTA - throwing in a sandwich as the train went rushing through.

However, we left the park, walked back past the harbor, where many grebes and tufted ducks were happily fishing, and found an excellent restaurant in the small town. Kidneys, veal ice cream and a bottle of white Valais wine and we happily boarded the Italie for the return via St. Gingolfe and Vevey to Clarens where we debarked to go the supermarket.
I have finally succeeded in getting a reasonable picture of La Suisse at night. This sailing ends at the weekend. 

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