Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tuesday 25 September - Chexbres

We took the train up the hill to Chexbres and checked that the Lion D'Or would be open for lunch. The place was busy way before 1200 and we were the only non-locals eating there.  The vendage is in full swing and there were several vineyard workers there.  We had turkey cordon bleu with an excellent half bottle of St. Saphorin pinot noir from Chexbres. The vigneron was at one of the tables.


In clear sunny weather the views across the UNESCO designated terraces across the lake were superb. The black grapes have been largely harvested but there are still the green ones to be done.
St. Saphorin

Monorail systems are used in several places to gain access to the more difficult locations

La Suisse calls at Rivaz

My better side
This walk is always delightful even in hot weather, unfortunately the final part, the walk into Vevey is along a busy road. 

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