Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday September 16 - Chateau de Chillon

It was a warm lazy day today although in the end we walked quite a long way.  The walk alongside the lake is very pleasant with many different varieties of flowers, plants, bushes and trees. There are several horse chestnut trees and the conkers were crashing down and the shells breaking open to reveal the nut. Being a Sunday there were lots of families with small children, two little girls were dressed alike had dresses with a piano key motif.  They were shouting their heads off.  There are several public art installations which made this a walk where we enjoyed lingering.
We sat with ice creams watching the diving birds. I thought at first these were grebes but they are evidently mergansers.
We watched the Italie land a few passengers at Chillon  - they made straight for the chateau but we have been several times and decided to enjoy the exterior without having to contend with the weekend visitors.
The Italie arriving at Chillon
 It was a little darker at dusk this evening and La Suisse made a grand sight with its lights reflected in the lake. At this time the noisy crows are coming in to roost in the trees and rooves.

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