Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday September 13 - BAM Morges and Nyon St. Cergue

This is one of two standard gauge switchers which were purchased from SBB a few years ago to allow BAM to switch both gauges in the yard

The Re 4/4 was purchased from SBB to work the standard gauge part of the gravel operation
A short ride to Morges and we could see the narrow gauge transfer from the platform The Biere-Apples-Morges (BAM) railway has two narrow gauge locomotives which were coupled together to take up some carloads of spoil and some empty gravel cars to the pit near Apples. The transfer is by now very familiar to us but is always fascinating to watch. At the standard gauge end of the yard the BAM Re 4/4, formerly SBB, was preparing to take out a full train of hoppers. 

The standard gauge cars on skates leaving the Morges yard bound for the quarry

The standard gauge train leaving Morges

With the action seemingly over we took one of the new Staddler trains up to Biere to search for lunch.
On our way up the line we had a fleeting glimpse of another train of standard gauge cars on skates pulled by another locomotive - however, BAM only has two narrow gauge locomotives, both of which were already accounted for. Have BAM acquired another locomotive?
We had lunch at a very good restaurant in Biere. Beef tongue/sausage was washed down with an excellent local wine which was brought to the table in two tranches to keep it as fresh as possible. Dessert happened to be Tarte au Citron, made with a lemon cream which was excellent.

On our way back to the station we stopped into the BAM yard to find a string of brand new skates which augurs well for the future

Back at Morges we were surprised to see old railcar #11 being used as a freight locomotive by the use of a bar coupling to the standard gauge cars

We were also surprised to see this train of army vehicles departing behind the two narrow gauge locomotives. The vehicles had not even been in the yard when we left a couple of hours earlier. We joined a service train thinking to get to Apples ahead of this train but it left ahead of us on a five minute headway
Instead we took a train to Nyon
The NSt.C&M took us to Genolier

This train then took us to Arzier where we found out that the rest of the line was closed for repairs

This older unit was in the car shop at Nyon

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