Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday 21 September - Chernex

There was rain in the forecast for this evening but the day started hot and sunny.  While Mary fought with the washing machine - we have just one time slot in the week - I took the MOB up to Chernex.  As well as the Golden Pass Trains, there is a half-hourly service for the locals which just goes as far as Chernex or Sonzier.  I had the same fantastic views as we climbed up away from the lake without the loud Americans or the Orientals with their enormous cases - all I received was a friendly "Bonjour" from the driver as he entered his cab.
A train for Montreux arriving at Chernex

A new work locomotive built by Stadler.

The Chernex works switcher was originally standard gauge and was built in 1954 for a German railway

Rich tourists pay big bucks to ride in the observation saloon, below the driver.

However, the leg work is done by this locomotive at the back. Both pantographs are raised as standard on these locomotives.
The local trains are all pretty new, built by Stadler and are well suited for the sharp curves and heavy gradients.  Chernex is a small piece of flat land on the hillside where much of the MOB maintenance is carried out.  On the way down, my train was invaded by a large number of school kids on their way to lunch. However, at the Montreux terminus, they all stayed on as it turns round and goes back straight away up the hill.

Mary and I took the funicular to Glion but the menu board at the Buffet de la Gare did not tempt us so we came back down and had a sandwich sitting on a bench by the lake.

During the afternoon the clouds became heavier and the wind got up a little but we didn't get any rain. However, there were a couple of white caps on the lake which is unusual.
Late in the afternoon a heron landed in this tree which is a regular roost for the several thousand crows that spend the night here. A few crows came close and they looked at each other until the heron decided to leave.

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