Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday 2 September - Narrow gauge steam out of Yverdon-les-Bains

A few weeks ago we found out about the steam locomotive that would be operating on the Yverdon to Ste-Croix railway this weekend to celebrate its 125 years of operation. We had to catch the 0703 ICN train from Zurich which ran precisely to time (unlike out recent experience with the DB)

The hotel provided us with a take out breakfast. Two other guests did not claim theirs so we each had two breakfasts which we ate in the first class section of the train to the concern of the conductor.
 There were a great many people out to admire the steam locomotive. It was a truly festive occasion with lots of laughter and renewing old friendships
This is a 2-4-6-0 Mallet from Portugal. No original steam locomotives exist from this line. This one was trucked in from its preservation home on the Jura Railway

The Yverdon Ste-Croix "crocodile" still sits at Yverdon although it has little to do not that narrow gauge freight has finished

We took the service train to Baulmes and caught the special entering Baulmes

The local fire department provided water for the locomotive

The firemen were having a ball helping to water the engine

At Ste-Croix the kids were having fun on the train simulator

A work train followed the steam locomotive from Baulmes up the very heavy climb to Ste-Croix to ensure there were no problems with lineside fires

In the country there are many fields of sunflowers ready to be harvested as well as some corn. They haven't started in the sugarbeet yet
There was a replacement bus service which took us back to Vuitboeuf where we caught this service train back to Yverdon-les-Bains.
Vuitboeuf looks like it might be an interesting place to visit. The village is hidden in a valley not very far from the station although you cannot see it from the station. Several cats were prowling the fields.

Back at Yverdon-les-Bains we quickly caught a fast train back to Zurich where we had lunch and took a circle tour of the Zurichsee.
- Zurich to Wadenswill on the lake with great views from the top deck
- Wadenswill to Bieberbrugg by the SOB with great views as we climbed above the lake.
- Bieberbrugg to Rapperswill on the Voralpen Express which was running a disgusting 7 minutes late
- Rapperswil to Zurich, also on the top deck
The long nose of an SBB 610 train

A 460 happily vinyled for COOP

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