Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tuesday 4 September - Luzern

The light was shining on the front of trains in Zurich this morning. The Re 4/4s are a firm favorite and I couldn't resist putting this in here
We caught an early train to Luzern and decided to ride the Panoramic line to Engelberg.  This is narrow gauge but the train is very comfortable and we made ourselves at home ion one of the cars that had tall curved windows for good views of the mountains.

Engleberg did not have much to hold us as it seems full of hotels and it a place to take off for skiing and walks etc.

This is the landing for the Transport Museum. A great way to arrive although there is also frequent service by train and trolley bus

This Bern steam tram locomotive was one of the first to arrive in the museum. I hope to see one in operation at Bern later this month
Click here to see all pictures taken at the Transport Museum

We came right back to Luzern and caught an early boat for the Transport Museum, a ten minute ride across the lake.

The museum is very well done and contains a lot of new material about advances that are being made in Switzerland, as well as illustrating the history. It is amazing what has been thought up to keep the small children busy and happy. Boats, scooters, tricycles, playing with pulleys etc.

We had fun on a couple of the train simulators and managed to get our trains into the station reasonably although we both drove into the platforms too slowly.

Another short boat ride took us back to Luzern and we decided to take a different route back to Zurich. There is a local train on the former Seetalbahn which runs through beautiful country and past several lakes to Lenzberg from where there is a frequent service on the main line back to Zurich. The line is single track and carries a half hour service. Some of the clearances are very tight and there is quite a bit of roadside running.

A very interesting day.

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