Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday 22 September - Part 1 - Blonay Chamby Museum

We visited the Blonay-Chamby Railway Museum today. They are celebrating 50 years of operation as well as a special series of events highlighting the Bernina line.

We took the train to Vevey and changed to the narrow gauge line for Blonay.

At Blonay we arrived in time to catch the steam hauled train to the museum. This is Furka-Oberalp Railway #3 built in 1913.

The curved viaduct is a feature of the short ride to the Museum

From the first car there was a good view of the action on the engine
A special grouping of Rhaetian Railway locomotives was arranged

An interesting collection of Edmondson card printed tickets in a ticket rack. Sadly many museum lines are now going over to computer
One of the most interesting exhibits was a working steam rotary snow plow, Rhaetian Railway  #9214 of 1914.

Some people dressed for the occasion

We had a good lunch in the restaurant. Salad with grilled chicken on rice followed by fruit tart (apple and plum) from the cantine. The wine, a Blonay rose, was very drinkable
The museum has an impressive array of well restored equipment. It was surprising to see so much that was in operating condition. Electric power does not deteriorate nearly so fast as operating steam or diesel and can be brought into operation almost instantaneously,

On the way back to Blonay there was a special stop on the viaduct while the crew blew down the boiler.

Other videos taken at the Blonay - Chamby Museum

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  1. The Rotary looks like it just came out of the dealer's shop - in brand new condition. Remarkable restoration as you note, Colin