Monday, September 24, 2018

Sunday 23 September - Mont Pelerin and Vevey

View from Mont Pelerin looking east up the Rhone valley towards Aigle. Montreux to the left.
The trolley bus on the 201 route took us right to the Vevey base station of the funicular to Mont Pelerin. Although the forecast was for rain later the views were excellent.
Deer were grazing in a field. We decided they were domesticated because it is now hunting season
Back in Vevey we had lunch in La Tour de Peiltz - two very filling pizzas and some rose wine which turned out to be Portuguese - then walked along the water front in hot sunny weather.

Vevey has some interesting street art.

It did, in fact, rain a few drops in the evening but nothing remarkable although the other side of the lake was obscured briefly.  We had a huge visitation of crows this evening. Several thousand swooped down to roost.  Images of Hitcock.

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