Saturday, September 1, 2018

Saturday 1 September - Travel Hamburg to Zurich

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Privatization in Germany. I hope they do a better job than DB
The railway was messed up again this morning. We took the 1024 train from Hamburg which supposedly went through to Zurich and Chur.  The earlier train, the 0824 ran over an hour late and this eventually caused us problems. These are ICE trains which start at Hamburg Altona. There is no reason they should be late. The 1024 eventually turned up 25 minutes late and contrived to stay that way all the way down. Crews made no attempt to catch up time at station stops.

We arrived at Basel SBB only to be turned out because out train was being turned around to run back in the path of the earlier late train.  We caught a good SBB train and arrived in Zurich about half an hour after we should have done.

DB train operating is terrible at present.

Checked into the hotel then went out so for a meal and straight to bed.

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