Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wednesday 19 December - Alsatian and Tuileries Christmas Markets

The Alsatian market is, as usual, in the forecourt of the Gare de L'Est.  It is only food and drink but the selection is amazing.  All items come from Alsace, including not only wine but also single malt whiskey. Most of the products are produced by individuals and many of the counter staff were either farmers or their wives.

The counter on the right sold foie gras of both duck and goose - very expensive.
German ICE 3 in Gare de L'Est

New SNCF Train in Gare de l'Est

We came away with a specialty Munster cheese made with unpasturised milk and some pate en crout with foie gras.

This is the first year of the Christmas Market in the Tuileries. It replaced the nasty Champs Elysees Market. The new market is enormous and is pretty much all products from France. There was an incredible selection of fast food, wines, beers, ciders and a wide range of hand made products. There were many rides for young and old alike. It was not too busy when we were there and we were able to enjoy it.
Tartiflette is similar to poutine

Never seen oysters in pizza before

Condiments are available similar to a cow's udder


Whole cheeses of different types are hollowed out with a hot sauce

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