Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday 27 December - Pleasant surprise at St-Lazare and a great lunch

I found one of the BB 17000 electrics in use at St. Lazare this morning. It brought in a local train around 1035 and took it out empty stock at 1100.

17075, in original paint scheme, is obviously kept in good condition and away from taggers.

We had lunch today with Gail Bisclair and Georgina Weavers at La Refuge des Moines on the rue des Moines.

Kit, was very good indeed. She doesn't make a noise and just sits on a lap in spite of all the delicious food being served almost in front of her.
Soupe a l'oignon gratinee was made with a cream sauce

Magret de canard wiith a black cherry sauce

Chicken with a foie gras sauce

Tarte tatin

Cafe gourmand - tarte tatin, pineapple, ice cream, mi-cuit au chocolate
We started with a glass of white wine and then had two bottles of an excellent red.  The food was impeccably prepared and the service was excellent. This is a very small restaurant with perhaps eight tables but well worth visiting 

We walked back through the new development and Martin Luther King Park. It is well used and it was surprising to see so many water birds as well as a heron fishing.
Petanque was in full swing at the Square des Batignolles

115014 running down into St-Lazare to take out a train.
I couldn't resist having a cuddle of Kit

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