Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tuesday 18 December - Parc Buttes Chaumont

It was a very pleasant day today and we took line 2 to Jaures and changed to 7 bis. We have learned not to get off at Buttes Chaumont station because it is one of the deepest in Paris. The next stop, Botarys, has a good entrance to the parc and has just a couple of flights of stairs to negotiate.  The parc is always full of people exercising or just walking. The bridge over to the lookout has been nicely rebuilt and the walk was very pleasant. As usual there were a lot of gulls, ducks and moorhens and we counted four herons skulking either in the water or in the bushes. It is amazing to realize that much of the parc is man made.

These metal posts are used to mark borders and carry wires along the edges to pathways. They are modelled to represent a wooden stick.
I visited a couple of model shops in the rues de Douai and d'Amsterdam
and was intrigued with this model of a Brighton Terrier
I also walked through the Gare St-Lazare on my way back.

The new digital clocks are quite an improvement

New train with the new Ile de France blue livery

A 1970s era nez casse on an intercite train

A diesel  hydraulic switcher 8269 passes an electric locomotive in the pocket

Don't often see a locomotive in the pocket these days, especially not a bi-current one (Sibic 26009)

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