Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday 15 December - Batignolles Organic Market

Today was another day of demonstrations and we decided to stay close to home.  I went out first thing to the Batignolles Organic Market which is by the Rome metro station every Saturday morning.  It was very much business as usual with a very wide range of good quality produce.  I came away with a gougere and some excellent shortbread cookies.

I walked down to the Gare St-Lazare which was full of police and pretty quiet.  I watched a train come in from Normandy and the police were looking at the passengers and searching anyone who might have been carrying weapons.  A crowd was gathering in the forecourt with a number of gilet jaunes and I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and made back towards Levis which was calm with business as usual.

We had lunch at Cafe Felixo which is close to the Square des Batignolles. It was quite good and moderately priced.
A new addition to the Paris street scene - retnatl scooters

Cafe Felixo


Faux filet de boeuf

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