Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday 16 December - Movie at Place de Clichy

Sunday mornings are always busy on the rue de Levis. I went out and quickly secured a barbeque chicken and roast potatoes from the butcher, vegetables from the greengrocer and, of course, a baguette from Diva et Chocolat. It had rained overnight but is now warm and pleasant.
Place de Clichy
We walked over to the Place de Clichy to see the movie, Le Grand Bain. It was a lot of fun - about a male synchronized swimming team. Much of the dialogue was difficult to understand but it was pretty easy to follow. We were given a discount on our tickets because there was no heat in the cinema but that didn't bother us with our Canadian winter clothes.
A home prepared meal - at least I cooked the mushrooms and the runner beans

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