Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday 13 December - Le Grand Colbert

Up late this morning and took the metro to Le Grand Colbert on the rue Vivienne.  The place was full but we managed to score a table.  We both started with the Soupe a l'oignon gratinee which was excellent although the large amounts of melted cheese made it difficult to get into your mouth.

After that I had a wonderful magret de canard while Mary had the pickled herring.
The duck was piquante and there was a great depth of flavor in the gravy.
The cafe gourmand was a meal in itself and it was difficult to know where to start. The restaurant has an excellent pastry chef.
The sun was shining brightly on St. Eustache
After lunch we walked past St. Eustache to look at the completed Les Halles. 
On the way we went through the non-descript GalerieVero Dodat. Mary started to salivate at the Christian Louboutin store which sold very, very high end women's shoes. It seems they all have red soles. I offered to paint the soles of my boots red but this suggestion did not go down very well. Load of old cods' wallop.
There is a large Monoprix where we managed to find a bottle of Oban single malt. Out of stock in the Villiers Monoprix, although they must have had about 20 other single malts, well priced by LCBO standards.
Les Halles

The living wall near Sentier metro station was looking good in the afternoon sun.

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