Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday 14 December - Le Relais de Venise

We were up late this morning because of jet lag and took the metro to the Porte Maillot rather than walking over there. Nevertheless we arrived at the restaurant in plenty of time and were seated quickly. It is always a squeeze to get into one's seat at Le Relais so it is important to go to the washroom before being shoehorned into place. One lady couldn't get into the place next to us because she was too wide with her purse and coat.

The menu doesn't change, the only choices being the degree of doneness of the steak and the wine, we chose a bottle of the Bordeaux which is always excellent.  The steak was very tender indeed.

This was the second helping

We shared a Vacherin
The couple next to us were in for a couple of days from the south west. We had a good chat.

We walked back past the Etoile and through Parc Monceau where we saw a few parakeets, mostly near the persimmon tree which was still heavy with fruit.

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