Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday 28 December - Another pleasant surprise at St-Lazare

I went down to St. Lazare to see if the arrival of the 17000 class was a regular occurrence.  It seems that it is as a different locomotive from yesterday arrived.  In En Voyage livery I filmed 17053 coming in to a stand.

It later took its train empty out to the carriage sidings.

Taken from the rue Legendre overpass looking towards Pont Cardinet
There is a movie being shot in this area. Walk around a corner and one can bump into a bunch of lights and several vans containing equipment. Yesterday they were at the small plaza at the end of Levis close to the Villiers metro station.  They were filming a many sitting on the ground against a lamp post and begging.

This evening we went over to Gail's who prepared an excellent magret de canard with a pear sauce.  Alain was there also Delores and Peter from Amsterdam. Georgina dropped in briefly.  It was a good evening, mostly n English but with a lot of French.  Gail's two cats were pretty active at times and made some noise rushing around.  

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