Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday 21 December - New Tramway at Porte d'Asnieres

Porte d'Asnieres
Mary and I walked along the rue de Saussure to the Porte d'Asnieres which is not very far but is now the terminus of tramway T3b which has been extended from Porte de la Chapelle. The new section has only been open a couple of weeks but the road traffic is horrendous as this video shows.

The line will eventually be extended on to the Porte Maillot.  Tramway T3 will eventually describe three quarters of a circle around the city - Garagliano, Porte de Versailles, Porte d'Italie' Porte de Vincennes and Porte de la Chapelle.

Porte d'Asnieres
We took a look at the new area just west of Pont Cardinet. The 14 or so construction cranes have all gone and people and businesses are moving in.  Already there are a number of cafes, restaurants and other shops open.
Pont Cardinet from the new overbridge showing the commuter storage sidings in the foreground and the longer distance sidings further over. The line to Versailles, with a clear signal, is on the left
We had a light crepe lunch with a rose cider at Chez Maxence which was pretty good.
The main entrance of the high school on the Boulevard de Batignolles near the rue de Rome is very impressive.
Santa's Coming - Boulevard des Batignolles

We went to a party at Gail's apartment on the rue Championnet a short walk for us. Lots of interesting people.

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