Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday 29 May - Chirk

My present from Mary.
We decided to go to Chirk today. We managed it despite the worst intentions of Arriva Trains Wales whose over crowded trains managed to be a little late going and very late returning. ATW must be the worst railway in the UK. Good job Veolia will be getting the franchise later this year - they couldn't do a worse job.
The vegetation by the Chirk tunnel mouth is very lush and verdant

The canal tunnel is long enough to require a flash light as we passed several families coming the other way.  Just before we went in there emerged a large party of scouts who must have made a great deal of noise.

The tunnel is single width

We walked over the aqueduct and along the tow path to the next road bridge. The railway viaduct, to the right here, is also impressive. The canal actually goes under the railway in the tunnel.

Good view of the aqueduct with the railway viaduct behind it.

We found a footpath, steep in places which took us into downtown Chirk. It contained a couple of rickety stiles.

Fancy playing football on this

The trees were in full bloom and there were a couple of hawks circling above looking for a meal.

Also the field flowers (weeds)
We had a drink in the Hands pub and then caught the delayed train from Holyhead back to Shrewsbury.

Dinner this evening was at the Armoury. It was excellent although the Guiness ice cream didn't taste of Guiness and it was a nasty grey color.
The mayflies were swarming over the river as we walked back to the apartment.

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