Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday 26 May - Linda and Frances leave

Another fire insurance Badge, also on Shoplatch
This morning we determined to walk along the river from the English bridge towards the Welsh bridge.  The weather was better than yesterday.

We made a detour through the Dingle where some of the colors were a little muted as a result of the effects of yesterday's rain. We had coffee/tea at the Loopy Shrew and a burger at the Lyon's Den.  After that there was just time to pick up their bags at the Lion and take a quick look at the castle.

We all had a great time together and it was a shame that the weather didn't cooperate. It turned cloudy when they arrived on Thursday, rained all day yesterday, and was cloudy and drizzly until they left when the sun then came out and shined brightly.

The town was very busy being a Saturday. There were a great many "convicts" from the prison dressed in dayglow orange running around on a treasure hunt. They were being pursued by warders in dark blue uniforms. There was a lot of congestion around the roast meat sandwich shop on the hill away from the station.

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