Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday 12 May - Getting set up

When we arrived yesterday the guard cat from next door came out through the cat flap and watched us open the door to get in.  We haven't seen it since!

It was supposed to be an easy day today, however we managed to get a lot done. I went out first thing to get two croissants and a sourdough loaf.
The Coach and Horses is a great local  to have next door
The sun was shining brightly on St. Chads as I made my way to the bakery.
The market is a great place to start for supplies. It was voted the best local market in England and it is evident why. There is a great range of meats, poultry, dairy, fruit and vegetables as well as grains and dry goods. 

We had several trips into the town to get supplies for the next month both from the point of view of toiletries and the basic food items.

We visited the Three Fishes where I had the obligatory pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord ale but was surprised to see they now have an M&B mild ale, the first time I've seen mild ale in this pub. I decided to have a second pint to test the mild ale of course.  I asked about Barley Wine. (Pat please note)
"My grandmother used to drink that wicked stuff. Pretty strong, and you could only get it in bottles, didn't do to drink more than one".

The part of the Old Police Station where we are staying was also a club or a bar at one time.

From The Three Fishes we went to the railway station and obtained the tickets that had already been ordered, Mary now has a Seniors Discount Card. Theatre Severn was next where we obtained tickets for Spamalot.

There was a pause for lunch at Pizza Express and then we went down to the quarry to admire the spring flowers.
This is a very large tulip which looks a little bit like an endive
The rhododendrons are in full bloom
Picture by Mary

This is the weekend for the Shrewsbury Regatta and there were a great number of shells set down.  It looked chaotic but it quickly became evident that it required precise organization to get the right shells and crews in the water at the right time. They were up to race no.264 when we left. Lots of excitement, lots of spectators, many with dogs. It seems there is always something happening here on a weekend.

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