Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday 22 May - Craven Arms, Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

Another hot and sunny day. Just right for the bus ride to Craven Arms and a wander through the Discovery Centre along by the River Onny. The spring flowers were at their best and we enjoyed the walk. There were few visitors apart from one school party which stayed close to the main building. Most of the people we saw had wet dogs carrying toys in their mouths.  One couple had three dogs, two quite young and one 15 years old suffering from arthritis.  They all enjoyed the water, the older one was slow but still swam after the toy as long as the others were held back to give him time. We have been here many times and enjoy the rugged wildness.

There are kingfishers and kites here. We saw neither. The kingfishers would have been frightened off by the joyful swimming of the dogs.

Back in Shrewsbury I came across this quiet close just around the corner from where we are staying.

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