Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday 15 May - Ellesmere

The bus to Ellesmere was almost empty.
Ellesmere has some interesting houses
The gardens have some good flowers
The walk around part of the mere was very good although there were not too many water birds to be seen - the females were presumably nesting.  
The view across the water is always attractive

With little wind the reflections were good

This was the only family of young we saw - five small coots with their parents diving for morsels to feed them 
There were several different ferns - but none edible
There were a number of geese and ducks in the area close to the road, looking noisily for handouts.

We had lunch at the Boathouse, the kitchen is excellent but service was a little slow.
Ellesmere bus station.
We had a little wait for the bus back to Shrewsbury and were joined in the bus shelter by three old ladies who were waiting for a local bus. They had to be sure to catch it because the next one was not until Friday (it is Tuesday today).
"Nice weather we're having"
"Lots of cars in the car park today"
"The football club is having a celebration"
"Because of the bluddy wedding, init"
(This by a lady with a walker whose mouth was much faster than her walking.)
"What time's the bluddy wedding anyway?"
"'bout ten I think"
"Yes and the bluddy Cup Final starts at five"
'Gawd, I won't be able to get anywhere near the bluddy tele"
Their bus then arrived and they trooped out, got on slowly and took over the lower section where they were joined by another lady with a walker. They then had a heated discussion until the bus finally drove off.
After this our ride back to Shrewsbury was uneventful.

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