Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday 31 May - Travel to London for Eltham College Class of 1960

I decided to take a train earlier than the one I had booked to get to Wolverhampton. Good job I did because the London train at Wolverhampton was only five cars instead of ten and stood in the platform there for 15 minutes.  Many people with reservations in the missing cars were perplexed and complained bitterly. Obviously Virgin Trains had problems because the missing 5 cars were added at Birmingham.

Lunch at the Skinners Arms was attended by Dai Bamford, Dai Rhys-Tyler, Derek Browne, Peter Gregory Mike Fulford, Clive Grenyer, John Bingham and me. It was a great time and once again we settled most of the world's problems. Regrets and greetings were received from  Charles Smith, John Palmer, Colin Bishop, Roy Bennett, Gethyn Timothy, Ian Cunningham, John Boyd, Ray Godfrey.

Peter Gregory

Mike Fulford
Derek Browne

Dai Banford

Colin Churcher

Dai Rhys-Tyler

Clive Grenyer

John Bingham
Clive asked that I take a few profile shots, I don't think this is what he had in mind.  This picture has been heavily cropped to avoid otherwise embarasing detail

It was good to see Clive and Dai Bamford whom we haven't seen for a year or so.  Dai Rhys-Tyler performed his complicated accounting on the beer and food kitties.

Waiting at Euston for my train back to Shrewsbury I noticed that the train before mine had been cancelled.  Good job I had a seat reservation as my train was overcrowded with the luckless passengers from the earlier train.  Train travel in the UK is becoming quite uncertain and uncomfortable.

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