Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday 20 May - A Walk around Town

Another beautiful hot sunny day today. The Dingle is beautiful. There are a lot of quite large fish in the pond and we saw a heron fly in and hide in the weeping willow.

About half or the Quarry grass area has been set aside for the Shrewsbury Kids Festival. Adults and small kids got in for GBP3.00 but kids 5-15 had to pay GBP15.00.  It was pretty full and everybody was having a great time. We wandered down along by the river and looked into the Crown at Coleham but it smelt pretty nasty so we finished up at the Three Fishes.
Wendy served me with a pint of Mild and Bitter and a packet of scratchings. Mary had a glass of rose and a packet of crisps.
We went back down to the river afterwards and continued out walk, coming up close to the St. Marys church. Ice creams were the order of the day.

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