Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday 3 January - Rain and sun and rain and sun and---

It seems that a storm passed through last night with rain and heavy winds. Some scaffolding was brought down in the 17th but we didn't notice anything here. The way the buildings are set close to each other and at the same height we don't get the wind tunnel effects here that are found in Ottawa.  There was a clear blue sky when we left the apartment. We went out to La Cite and intended to walk past Notre Dame and on to the Ile St. Louis. But it started to rain heavily just as we left the metro station and the wind was very strong. We decided to abort and I went to the Place de la Republique where the sun was shining strongly in a clear blue sky.

Place de la Republique
I went on to Place de Clichy and found myself in heavy rain again. After a few minutes at the model shop the rain had stopped and I was able to walk back all the way to the apartment.

Dinner this evening was at Chez Maxsense, a good creperie on rue Legendre.
Galette - Burrata with prosciutto and tomatoes

Crepe - tatin

Crepe baba au rhum
The meal was glood and we enjoyed a pichet of cidre doux.  The service is always friendly and the plates come quickly.  This is a typical neighborhood hang out place with families and small local groups coming in for a quick meal and to catch up on gossip.

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