Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday 7 January - Le Relais and the Champs Elysees

The car with the flat tire is still there - getting boring
It was raining first thing but the forecast was for the rain to stop early. We went to the Relais for lunch.
My second helping. The meat is almost hidden under the fries.
The meal was very good and we enjoyed the bottle of St. Emillion Clocher.  As usual we quickly started to talk to our neighbors, a Portuguese couple who have lived in Versailles for several years on one side and an Italian with his south Korean girlfriend on  the other side.

We then walked down along the avenue de la Grande Armee to the Etoile.  On the first Sunday of each month the Champs Elysees is closed to vehicular traffic from the Etoile to Clemenceau.  We went through a quick police check and were then free to roam the famous road. The security check was fast - we were only waiting for a couple of minutes, but the police were well organized and could give the Ottawa parliament hill people a few lessons.  The stroll down and back was very relaxed. There were a couple of performers who drew good crowds.
Up close the surface of small stones is quite rough and must be difficult for the cycle racing.

The police horses were well received and everyone was smiling.
To work off our lunch we walked back through Parc Monceau.  The parrots were nowhere to be seen by the old plane tree but I doubt if they were far away. It began to spit with rain and the wind was a little cold but it was good walking around - without my parka or long johns.

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