Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wednesday 24 January - Another Rain Day

With rain forecast for today we went to the Natural History Museum, a short walk from the hotel. Many others had the same idea and the place was full up with groups of small kids.  The exhibits were interesting although we were only able to see a small portion but what was really impressive was the beautiful building in which they were housed. It was exquisitely decorated and has been very well maintained .
The frontage is being restored and the fencing and illumination is well done

After the main entrance we went up this escalator into the earth to the top floor.  We could then come down through the floors at our own pace

A beautiful table top setting out the different colors of marble

Main hall. The decorations on the walls and ceiling are original and many are one off.

The largest known flint knapped arrow head - thought to have been ceremonial

A glass model

Statue of Charles Darwin
The museum is excellent and helped to fill in an otherwise dreary day.

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