Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday 6 January - Square des Epinettes and Epiphany

The car tire across the street is still flat - no action at all.
The forecast was better today. I went out first thing to the Batignolles Organic Market and purchased a rotisserie chicken and roast potatoes.

Batignolles Organic Market on the centre reservation of the Boulevard des Btignolles - with the metro line 2 underneath.
We decided to walk along rue Legentdre to St. Ouen to take a look at the Square des Epinettes. It is quite small and more formal than Batignolles.  Lots of small kids were playing with their parents.
The plants, bushes etc. are all well cared for and there is an amazing variety.
We then walked along rue Guy Moquet to Cardinet where we found the Square des Batignolles was finally opened. Walking through, it quickly became apparent why the parc has been closed all week. An enormous tree was uprooted and blown down in the storm. The trunk was about 30 inches in diameter. It had destroyed a merrygoround when it came down and the city had taken great care in cutting up and removing the tree as well as cleaning up  the wreckage of the merrygoround.

We then walked down rue de Rome and crossed to Malesherbes to get a Galette du Roi from Eric Kayser.
The Luthier on the rue de Rome was closed but his cat was enjoying the window
Today is Epiphany when people traditionally eat the Galette du Rois. This time I won the feve.

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