Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday 12 January - Belleville

Friday is a good day to visit Belleville because the street market is open on Tuesdays and Fridays only.  It stretches in the median from Belleville metro station past the Couronnes metro station and as far as the Menilmontant metro and beyond.  It is busy with people of all races.  The range of fruit vegetables, meats, fish and dry goods is incredible and it is quite noisy with the cries of the various merchants. A great number of tangerines were for sale and people were buying a few to eat on the spot. The floor was littered with orange tangerine peel.

The parc de Belleville is a well maintained park set on the side of a steep hill.  Some parts were closed off to allow the grass to over winter and the magpies liked this as they could poke around without being molested.
There is a small vineyard in the park

The primulas added some pleasant colors to the flower beds

Insect House
Interesting grafitti
We took a short walk through the Pere Lachaise Cemetary before returning to Villiers for a late lunch at Le L'tit Canon.  We had quite a long talk with Julie, our server, who knew all about us and had visited Canada. Isabel, came out of the kitchen and had a chat with us.  She explained how she prepares the potatoes - they are sliced thinly and fried in duck fat - crunchy and delicious.

The crocus are blooming in the Square des Batignolles.

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