Monday, January 15, 2018

Sunday 14 January - Long walk, a Disappointment and a Happy Ending

I went out early this morning to get a baguette and some croissants.  In the Square des Batignolles the ducks and geese were waking up and I was surprised to note that many of them had spent the night in the bushes some way away from the water where they usually congregate during the day.

It was a beautiful sunny day with little cloud and we decided to walk through the back streets of Ternes district and finished up at the Relais de Venise.  The restaurant had already started and we had to wait a little while for a table but it was worth the wait.
This was my second helping! I had to work my way through the fries to find the meat.  The fries are always wonderful and I always enjoy the mustard - and the Clocher red wine
 We decided to go to La Madeleine to take in the Dimanches Musicales organ concert.  This was quite a long walk along the Avenue de la Grande Armee and then the Champs Elysees to the Place de la Concorde. The sun was shining in a cloudless sky and there were crowds of tourists close to the Etoile. We arrived at La Madeleine in plenty of time and chose seats close to the exit in order to make a quick escape if necessary. The interior is dark, dirty and gloomy. The first piece was by the French composer Widor - the orchestre gothique No. 9.  Let us just say it was an enormous disappointment and we left after putting up with the muddy cacophony.

Muttering about French organ music and playing we walked back along the Boulevard de Malsherbes to take a look at the church of Saint Augustine.  The front has been under restoration for some time and the scaffolding has just been removed. The evening sun was slanting in and setting off the delicate stonework.  We spent some tine just enjoying this magnificent structure

It was interesting that the camera saw this in a different light from our eyes.  The stonework appeared white to me but the camera painted it in a golden glow

Happy once again, we made our way back to the apartment via rue Miromesnil

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