Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday 8 January - Versailles

Trains on line L go to Versailles RD from Saint Lazare every 15 minutes.  There was an announcement that ours would be delayed.  In the end it left, on time from platform one - presumably they had found the driver.  Most of the trains on this route are now the new Z50000 which are a significant improvement on the old stainless steel Z6400 trains they are replacing. It was cloudy and cool when we set out but the sun broke through and we enjoyed some good dry weather. We deliberately chose to come on a Monday when the Chateau is closed. This made for a much better experience without the crowds of tourists.  We went into the grounds near the Trianon and enjoyed a long walk which was interrupted by the few runners who were making good use of their lunch breaks.

One of the big disadvantages of Versailles is that it is so big and one has to walk such a long way to get anywhere.  It is about five kilometers around the man made lake.  We walked to the Venice area at the base of the cross shaped lake then went to the Trianon and back into town.

There were a lot of mole hills in this pasture.  The magpies were unafraid of the sheep.

Topiary ad infinitum

This tree provided a welcome splash of color in the otherwise green landscape.
Space Invader art in Versailles
As we came back to Saint Lazare the sun was shining brightly in a clear blue sky giving us good views across the the Eiffel Tower and towards La Defense.

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