Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday 6 June - By Double Decker Bus to Ironbridge, Bedlam Explained

An ex- London Transport RM bus of 1962
The double decker bus was a great way to see the countryside on this sunny day. It dates from 1962 and we think it still has the original springs.  The run out was via Attingham Park and Wroxeter and we got off at the Ironbridge Mjuseum of Iron.

A Sentinal vertical boilered locomotive built in Shrewsbury
The museum was very well laid out and the explanations were very well done and explained.

From the museum we walked down the road to the river and into Ironbridge where we were dismayed to see that the Iron Bridge was being restored and was completely encapsulated in white plastic.

We decided to search out the Bedlam Furnace ruins. It seems that someone made a painting of the Bedlam Furnace which many people thought was akin to a lunatic asylum, hence the use of the word which implies chaos or mayhem.
Ruins of Bedlam Furnace
Here I am escaping from Bedlam 

The ride back to Shrewsbury, through Much Wenlock, was again through the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

We had a drink this evening with our landlord and are making arrangements to return next year.

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