Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thursday 7 June - Getting Ready to Leave

I know it is time to leave the Old Police Station when I start watering the moss growing on the window sill.
The gas company has been working on putting gas into the place across the alley ever since we arrived.
- there was a hole that was covered up by a yellow plastic cover.
- some men came along and filled in the hole and removed the plastic cover.
- some more men came in and put some asphalt on top and smoothed it over.
- a man came by with a truck load of signs and barriers which he dumped outside.
- a gang of men came and dug up the hole again, put up the barriers and signs and put two plastic covers over the hole.
- a man came by and fiddled with the box on the wall
- three men came by today and fiddled again with the box on the wall.

This reminded me of the Flanders and Swan song "The Gas Man Cometh"

Even so called weeds growing out of a wall can be beautiful - near the English Bridge.
Lunch was at the Boathouse.

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