Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday 3 June - Shrewsbury River Festival

The River Festival was held today in the Quarry, It was very busy but because of the space available it didn't feel over crowded.  There were lots of food and drink stands and public service institutions were well represented. The kids loved putting on a police helmet and pretending to drive a police car.
These were very popular with the small kids who could but others around

Amazing paint job

There was a hand built raft race which was enjoyed by everyone, The rafts were followed carefully to ensure there were no mishaps.

The swans and ducks got out of the way, the swans by flying low downstream.

The event was well attended and families had a great time.

This evening we walked in the area to the other side of the Kingsland bridge. The houses are all large and well looked after, a little bit like Rockcliffe but without the embassies.

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